Starting April 1, we will be donating a percentage of all sales to the World Health Organization (WHO)
Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund

These donations support WHO’s work in the following ways

  • - tracking and understanding the spread of the virus
  • - ensuring patients get the care they need.
  • - ensuring front line workers get essential supplies and information
  • - accelerating efforts to develop vacines, tests, and treatments.

How you can help?

We’ve launched a pick your discount initiative up to 20% off.
Depending on your selection, we will donate a percentage of your purchase
to help fight against COVID-19
*Only purchases made from April 1, 2020 are valid for this promotion

20% Off

Things are tough right now, you can get a new Sidekick tool
at 20% off -the most we can offer to hopefully help out.

10% Off + 10% Donation

If you have more to give, you can get a new Sidekick tool at 10% off
- and 10% of your total order will be donated to the Respose fund.

Original Price + 20% Donation

Thank you for your help. You can purchase your Sidekick tool at full price
- and 20% of your order wil be donated to help fight againts Covid-19

To learn more about the COVID-19 response fund and how it helps click here, and if you’d like to make your own donation, please click here.